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Part: XVI

Roland Auzet
Hometown: Paris
Current Town: So many…
Tell me about In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields:
it’s a great play.
Tell me about the piece, your process, and concept of this show.
Why am I interested in this play...
According to our theatrical legacy of Bernard Marie KOLTES’ view of the world, (the eighties)and, if we had to characterize the current state of things, we could say that maybe we now are “after the Bacchanal”, “after the orgy”, that is to say, after the explosive moment of modernity and liberation of so many artistic practices in all areas.
So, when we approach this text… What can we do?
What is the play about?
First, the play offers a  reconsidering of the question of the relationship to the other.
It’s stages a dealer and a client in a situation of negotiation. The dealer knows that the client is desiring something that the dealer can offer. However, the dealer is also dependent on the client’s desire.
Two presences, very different, where the crucial question of d…