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I Interview Directors Part III: Alice Cash 

Alice Cash
I Interview Directors Part II: Mason Beggs

Mason Beggs
Hometown: Corry, PA
Current Town: Jersey City, NJ
Tell me about The Handless Maiden:
The Handless Maiden is a dark immersive fairy tale that composer Shayfer James and I devised for Art House Productions in Jersey City along with an amazing cast and creative team. It is based on a Grimms’ Fairy Tale called The Maiden Without Hands which we then placed within a world reminiscent to the 1930’s Dust Bowl. Over the course of a month, we devised an immersive theatre piece accompanied by  an Appalachian inspired vocal score and live prepared piano. It was a wonderful experience. Our main goal in the adaptation was to give the Maiden more agency over her life as she, in the original tale, was more or less constructed as a damsel in distress.
I loved creating in this world and hope to revisit it at some point.
What else are you currently busy with?
I just lead a Visual Thinking module at The New School for Drama MFA which was a lot of fun.  I a…