Part XI: Nile Harris 
Nile Harris

Hometown: Miami, FL
Current Town: Brooklyn, NY

Tell me about Him and Him and Him and Him:
‘Him and Him and Him and Him’ is a theatre work I was commissioned to make by Dixon Place as a part of their annual Hot! Festival featuring LGBTQ artist working in the in-between space of theatre, dance and performance.
Tell me about your process and concept of this show.
Simply put, ‘Him and Him…’ is a show about my ever-changing and constantly perplexing relationship to men: my non-existent ex-boyfriends, lovers, friends, father, father figures, uncles, and persons that have challenged me throughout my life. It’s a study of the strange spark between men, that invisible competition that makes us fight each other or makes us fuck. That paradoxical thing that makes a son have to defy his father to become a man. And somewhere in the mix of all of that, there’s a sprinkle of a fictional story about a married white man who falls in love with me (or maybe I fall in lo…
Part X: Ping Chong

Ping Chong
Hometown: NYC
Current Town: NYC
Tell me about ALAXSXA/ALASKA:
Ryan Conarro came to Ping Chong and Company as a TCG mentor/mentee fellow about 2015 and suggested we make a work together. Using the UE approach of interviewing people, I interviewed Ryan and found that he had lived in Alaska for 12 years. I suggested we make a work about Alaska with 2 more or less parallel narratives: His personal encounter with Alaska and a historical encounter of outsiders with Alaska. After I did extensive research on Alaska, I wrote the character of The Professor’s material and Ryan went off and wrote his personal narrative. We then went to Saratoga for a theater residency to develop it and stage it as a work-in-progress. It is here that I developed the airplane dances for Ryan. We did a second workshop in New York at La Mama’s Great Jones rehearsal space for an invited audience. At this point we had an almost complete work in the rough. Ryan realized at this stage that w…
Part IX:  Liz Kimball

Liz Kimball
Hometown: Philadelphia
Current Town: Brooklyn, NYC
Tell me about SOUTH PACIFIC:
It’s a musical composed by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and book by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan. It originally premiered in 1949, and is based on James Michener’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Tales from the South Pacific. This production was produced by Gulfshore Symphony and performed at the Barbara Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Meyers, Florida.
Tell me about your process and concept of this show.
I began by immersing myself with anything I could get my hands on about the history of the original production. I read Michener’s book and I also read some of my grandfather’s letters to my grandmother during WWII (he served in the South Pacific). I did a great deal of dramaturgy around the military aspects of the story, a great deal of improv swing dancing by myself in my apartment, and I studied traditional Vietnamese dance.
What is most interesting t…
Part VIII: Anne Bogart