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Part XII: Alex Keegan

Alex Keegan
Hometown: Manhattan
Current Town: Brooklyn
Tell me about APLOMB :
Aplomb began as an idea back in 2014 – I was curious about anxiety disorder’s rising rate of diagnosis among college students, and about creating a piece developed by an all-female ensemble. So I asked nine college seniors and recent grads to join me in embarking on an experiment in process, content creation, and product. The show tracks college senior, Hayden Daniels, who begins therapy after having a dissociative panic attack at a rave in 2015 Bushwick. Over the course of the play, Hayden starts to examine her adolescence in Iowa, and her first romantic relationship in college – aiming to understand how she’s been perceiving the world through a distorted lens. I’m fascinated always by unreliable narrators; we’ve been playing with the concept of “truth” throughout this process. What does Hayden perceive to be true, how is that sense of truth then thrown off balance? I also am fascinate…
Part XI: Nile Harris 
Nile Harris

Hometown: Miami, FL
Current Town: Brooklyn, NY

Tell me about Him and Him and Him and Him:
‘Him and Him and Him and Him’ is a theatre work I was commissioned to make by Dixon Place as a part of their annual Hot! Festival featuring LGBTQ artist working in the in-between space of theatre, dance and performance.
Tell me about your process and concept of this show.
Simply put, ‘Him and Him…’ is a show about my ever-changing and constantly perplexing relationship to men: my non-existent ex-boyfriends, lovers, friends, father, father figures, uncles, and persons that have challenged me throughout my life. It’s a study of the strange spark between men, that invisible competition that makes us fight each other or makes us fuck. That paradoxical thing that makes a son have to defy his father to become a man. And somewhere in the mix of all of that, there’s a sprinkle of a fictional story about a married white man who falls in love with me (or maybe I fall in lo…