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Part IV: Lana Russell

Lana Rosalind Russell
Hometown: San Rafael, CA
Current Town: Williamsburg Brooklyn
Tell me about Vigils: Vigils is an insane play. And I feel like I’m a bit insane for loving it so much and for directing it. In its most basic explanation the play is about a woman (a young widow) who lost her fire fighter husband two years ago and is unable to move on with her life. The play structurally mirrors the way memories “come in no particular order”. There are strings of memories that actually happened, memories the characters try to change, happy times, sad times, and explorations of what they wish they would’ve done differently. This woman has kept her husband’s soul in a box in her home and his body in a picture frame. Without them, she fears she will die. We explore the ups and downs of their relationship, their love, losses and secrets kept from each other. Can she find a way out? Can she can choose to let go and find her way into the future? The play is quirky. It is rel…